Conversation Starters: The Equinox Way to Develop Parent-Child Communication

In exchange for the suggested $5 donation*, Equinox is offering a downloadable version of the 2nd Edition of Conversation Starters: The Equinox Way to Develop Parent-Child Communication. Getting a conversation going with a teen can feel like trying to roll a boulder uphill. It can be difficult, painful, and a lot of work. The questions found in Conversation Starters: The Equinox Way to Develop Parent-Child Communication, is intended to get you started. In these conversations all you do is pay attention, ask open ended questions, express interest in your child’s point of view, and listen for important clues your child gives you. The point is to develop the habit of creating conversation. The objective is for you and your child to improve your relationship, and to demonstrate interest in his or her life.

*80% of all donations will go to Food for Thought Denver.



Food for Thought Denver logoEvery school year, a staggering number of children from low-income families in Denver receive free and reduced lunches at school. Unfortunately, the lunch they receive at school on Friday is often the last meal they eat until back at school on Monday morning. Teachers and Principals consistently report that many students come to school on Monday mornings hungry, unable to focus and learn. Hungry kids are more likely to miss school because of illness; are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety; are more likely to develop behavioral problems as teenagers; and are more likely to become food insecure adults due to lower paying jobs and socioeconomic circumstances. Hunger is a vicious cycle.

 Food for Thought Denver strives to eliminate weekend hunger for children in the Denver area by providing food Powersacks. Doing so allows them to contribute more positively to their school environment and the communities in which they live, regardless of economic and social class. We believe that no child should go hungry.