Make a positive transition to tomorrow.

Your child’s treatment is like an engine that needs each of its parts in order to work. An engine has gears, which have wheels, which in turn have cogs—the tiny teeth that fit together to turn the wheels and make the engine run. Aftercare is the final “cog” in the treatment process that helps you and your child continue to move forward in a positive manner.

Equinox Aftercare provides support for both young people transitioning home from residential treatment, wilderness therapy or therapeutic boarding school and their parents, helping sustain the gains children have made in out-of-home placement.

Integrate Learning. Sustain Results.

Youth transitioning from wilderness therapy, residential treatment or therapeutic boarding school have spent weeks to months in extremely structured environments with a specialized focus. They have been away from home clearing their heads, learning to take responsibility, demonstrating accountability, and taking a deep dive into the real issues that caused the pain, destruction and out-of-control behaviors that led to out-of-home placement. Transition has been said to be the Achilles heel of the mental health field. Out-of-home treatment creates the understanding, strength and fortitude that teens need to address life’s issues head on. Transition, if it’s not a structured “cog in the wheel,” can be the unintentional weakness in treatment, despite the strength and gains your child achieved while away.

Aftercare solidifies the changes and gains made in treatment and ensures that they transfer back to each teen’s natural environment and relationships. Our aftercare team partners with each family to support them through the hurdles that occur in the months following discharge.

Long-term success occurs with purpose, planning and preparation.

Both research and experience show that the most effective way to help young people and their families successfully reunite include parent involvement, the stability of the home environment, and very importantly, aftercare support. Aftercare support through Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center has three proven elements: continuity of relationship, multi-systemic coordination, and strengthening individual and family life through education.

Fit Matters

Finding the right support when bringing your child home is essential to achieve the results you are looking for. We specialize in helping with several different types of dynamics including:

  • Entitlement
  • Overindulgence
  • Parent leadership
  • Risk for substance abuse and relapse prevention issues
  • Sexual boundary and sexual behavior problems
  • Developmental and social learning differences
  • Anxious parents
  • Young adult transition
  • Complex transitions
  • Family impact and distress related to the out-of home placement
  • Computer, internet, video game addiction

The Aftercare Process

At Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center our approach to aftercare is based on more than 20 years experience helping teens and families reunite after out-of-home treatment has been necessary. Our holistic approach involves six important components:

360° Assessment. Understanding where families have come from and where they are now is instrumental in achieving long-terms success. Return home assessments begin three months to two weeks prior to discharge.

Collaborative Planning. Joint planning and coordination with the current treatment program, parents, and your Equinox Aftercare team.

Program Site Visit. We recommend an on-site visit to your teen’s current program prior to discharge. This one- to two-day assessment provides valuable insight into the treatment process your child is engaged in, and bridges the most common gaps between placement and home.

In-Home Assessment. One of our expert team members comes to your home to lay the important foundation in relationship development, develop a personalized plan, and provide one-to-one coaching to start the process.

Discharge Preparation. We help plan your child’s return home as an essential element of discharge, taking care of the many details related to a successful transition.

Activate, Engage In, and Work the Plan. At Equinox, the plan is personal. It’s about your family, not what works for many or most families in transition. Elements of the aftercare plan may include:

  • Parent, family and teen coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Relapse prevention
  • Friendship selection
  • Community-based therapeutic care to insure academic, vocational and life-skill development
  • Intensive case management – keeping everyone involved on the same page, with the same goals
  • Identification of hot spots and predicable problems
  • Healthy recreation
  • Sibling preparation
  • Groups as indicated
  • Family and individual therapy if indicated
  • Guidance for the predictable hurdles and challenges in the months following discharge
  • Social skill development
  • Generalization of learned skills back into home and daily life

Ask us how we can help your teen and family reconnect through a carefully crafted aftercare plan to ensure that the gains made in treatment remain sustainable over the long haul. Call us anytime at 303-861-1916, email us at, or contact us on our website with questions or to simply set up a free consultation to see how we can help.