Family Adventure Therapy

Exploring challenges through activity. Creating solutions through experience. Engaging families through adventure.

Family Adventure Therapy is a unique therapeutic family experience that offers an alternative to traditional office based family therapy services. Many families undergo multiple stressors related to parent/child relationships, spousal discord, or external life events. These create challenges that are difficult for the family system to navigate successfully. Family Adventure Therapy is specifically designed to address your family’s needs, engage all family members, and create positive change in the great outdoors of Colorado.

Fresh air, fresh perspective

The outdoors, whether it’s wilderness or a favorite park nearby, is your backdrop. Led by a team of experienced outdoor professionals and a clinical therapist, your family will participate in a variety of activities such as ropes course exercises, nature hikes, snow shoe excursions, rock climbing, equine assisted therapy, animal assisted therapy and relationship building at a wolf preserve, and urban adventures within your own community. All family members will have the opportunity to work toward:

  • Strengthening parent/child and spousal relationships
  • Developing effective communication skills
  • Building family and individual resilience
  • Increasing emotional management and regulation
  • Learning problem solving techniques
  • Addressing any unique treatment needs

We specifically build on existing family strengths to enhance your relationships and stabilize the family environment. Each time we meet with your family, our team will create and facilitate structured activities that are designed to address your therapeutic goals, promote new insights, and create positive change within each member of your family.

Is this right for my family?

We are happy to answer your questions and tell you more about Family Adventure Therapy. The first step is to schedule an appointment with an Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center professional to complete a thorough needs assessment and evaluation. He or she will design a unique treatment plan for your family, outlining the proposed course of treatment, activities structured to meet your family’s therapeutic needs, and a schedule of outdoor adventure programming. Family Adventure Therapy typically runs between six and 12 sessions, depending on the severity of issues in the home and disruption to the family environment. Each session is scheduled from three to eight hours based on what the structured activity is and what goals are set for each session. We work with your family to schedule sessions with minimal disruption to school and work schedules.

For more information about our Family Adventure Therapy services, please call 303-861-1916 or contact us.