Substance Abuse Support

Help with post-addiction recovery, relapse prevention support and THC

Substance abuse is a growing epidemic in our teen’s lives. Parents, teachers and teens themselves express common concerns about drinking, using marijuana, or experimenting with other substances. Motivation decreases, judgement is impaired, memory declines, and behavior and mood changes are evident in everyday interactions. As an agency specializing in teens and families, substance abuse is one of the greatest issues we hear about that creates disruption to the home and school environment.

Particular to Colorado, comes the recent change in laws legalizing marijuana. Our teens now often use the argument, “It is legal, so I don’t see why you think it is a big deal.” Despite the legalization of marijuana, the evidence stands that this substance can be abused and create psychological dependence in many people. When this occurs with our troubled teens, the consequences can be life altering.

Although Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center is not a substance abuse treatment program, it is an integral part of our therapeutic services. Our substance abuse programming provides youth with tools to support their post addiction recovery and relapse prevention. We combine individual/family therapy, substance monitoring to help with accountability, cognitive behavioral tools, and weekly planning to give teens effective coping strategies and support their sobriety.

Youth may participate in individual, family, group or Therapeutic Study Hall services. An initial assessment to determine the nature of the substance abuse issue, the severity of the problem, and the best course of treatment occurs upon referral by one of our highly skilled clinicians. As with all of our services, each person receives an individualized approach designed to specifically meet their treatment needs.

For more information about our substance abuse support services, please call 303-861-1916 or contact us.