Intensive Treatment Programs

Changing lives. Keeping families together.

At Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center, we provide an individualized and clinically grounded treatment program to assist youth and their families requiring intensive intervention and support due to high levels of emotional and behavioral disruption in the home. We specialize in working with youth diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and high-risk troubled teens, ages 13-19 years.

As a result of decades of experience and training in our work with neurodiverse youth and troubled teens, we have successfully established a comprehensive treatment approach that provides individualized intensive support within the home environment. Each family that seeks out support and help in this time of crisis receives a profound treatment experience that is life changing, innovative, and sustainable. And most importantly, it keeps your child in the home and your family intact, and is a cost-effective solution to out-of-home placement.

  • Individual and family therapy
  • Wilderness and adventure based intensive interventions
  • Therapeutic care (community based therapeutic support including school, individualized education programs, pro-social competency development, transitional and vocational)
  • Life and social skills groups/activities
  • Therapeutic study hall
  • Parent/guardian coaching and highly supported family involvement
  • Mentoring

At Equinox, you’ll work with a team of experienced, extensively trained and caring professionals whose sole focus is understanding your family’s needs and how we can most successfully help you and your child. We understand that the needs of youth with autism spectrum disorder and troubled teens are unique in and of themselves, just as the needs of your family are unique from any other.

Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder– For youth who are neurodiverse, adolescence and young adulthood brings a new set of complex challenges around learning independence, adaptive coping, building meaningful relationships, and executive function abilities to name a few. As these youth enter middle school, high school, and young adulthood, parents have shared that many academic, community and therapeutic resources seem to diminish for their child. In spite of many years of previous support, families often continue to experience challenges with emotional outburst and dysregulation, impulse control, making and keeping friends, learning independence, applying situational coping skills, maintaining in a school setting, exploring social interests and hobbies, and coping with the anxiety that can inhibit forward progress.

Troubled Teens– Having a troubled teen in the home means more than trying to navigate expected teenage opposition, a desire for independence, and common adolescent “angst.” The extreme behaviors of a troubled teen causes disruption to the family environment, can hurt what were once strong relationships in the teen’s life, and creates high levels of concern for parents, teachers, and other close peers/adults. Anger outbursts, school problems, depression, anxiety, marijuana and other substance abuse, isolation, and extreme resistance to authority can make parents feel out of control and as if they are “losing their child.”

The families we serve usually seek out the support of our Intensive Treatment Programs during one of these five critical stages that may occur when having a child with significant developmental, emotional and behavioral concerns:

1. Problems in the home/school/community have escalated to such an impactful level that traditional avenues of therapy will not provide necessary support or are no longer helpful.
2. Your child is transitioning home from a structured residential program. We understand that the key to successfully reuniting families is a purposeful and well supported transition for your child back into the home environment.
3. You may be considering out-of-home placement as a result of the extreme disruption to your family and concern for the significant levels of acting out by your child.
4. Your child has been in therapy for many years, perhaps has moved from treatment provider to treatment provider, and you and your child have yet to achieve your desired results.
5. As a parent(s), you are seeking support in how to best help your child and you are ready to get to the root causes of the problem rather than focusing on the symptoms and surface level behaviors.

  • We begin by building a strong rapport and trusting relationship with you and your child.
  • We include you as the parents/guardians each step of the way. We are in this together, knowing that the partnership we develop will be a critical factor in your child and your family’s success.
  • We identify and teach solutions and skills that work for your family and transcend across relationships, environments and situations.
  • We create sustainable change by using specialized environments and venues to create enhanced learning and practical application of coping, communication, and problem solving skills.
  • Our approach is thoughtful, caring, innovative, creative and customized to the unique needs of your child and who you are as a family.

Finding the right program that fits for your child and family is understandably your biggest focus and highest priority right now. We invite you to learn more about our Intensive Treatment Programs and related services, allow us to answer any questions, and explore with us how we can individualize a program for your family.


Autism Spectrum Disorder / Neurodiverse Youth

We provide youth and young adults with Asperger’s Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, PDD Diagnosis or other related learning/social differences the necessary support and opportunity to belong, thrive and succeed in all aspects of their life. Our specialized and action based programs enhance family, social, and life skill development of neurodiverse individuals.


Troubled Teens

The Equinox Intensive Treatment Program for Troubled Teens provides a comprehensive, individualized program specifically designed to therapeutically intervene through a relational model of therapy. We engage teens through activity-based interventions as we skillfully combine individual and family therapy, community-based therapeutic care services, mentoring, wilderness therapy, and parent/guardian coaching.


After Care

Youth returning home from residential, hospital, or other out-of-home settings greatly benefit from individualized transitional support. Often, this becomes the essential component necessary to support the complex process of returning home and fully integrating back into the family system. Transitional support helps teens and young adults maintain focus and manage anxiety and frustration, as well as increase empathy towards others.


Parent Coaching

There is no textbook approach to parenting, and most of us were never formally trained in how to handle the challenges and stressors that parenting presents. Parent coaches help you reach your important goals, learn how to effectively parent your child through opposition and difficulty, and, very importantly, give you information relevant to your teen’s emotional and mental development.


Wilderness and Adventure Therapy

Wilderness Therapy is a powerful tool for youth experiencing difficulties and challenges in many aspects of their lives. Our Wilderness Therapy program is the only of its kind across the country. We use a relational and trauma-informed model of care that allows for intense focus, therapeutic clinical immersion, and purposeful experience that moves beyond behavioral stabilization and into the core of the issues your teen is facing.