Thank you for your interest in Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center. We understand that this is a difficult time and that you may be experiencing a wide range of emotions as you contemplate the right treatment program for your son or daughter, as well as what is the right level of care. We are committed to assisting you in making the best decision. These are important decisions; we will be with you every step of the way. From our initial intake process, to your son or daughter stepping down to lower levels of care and intensity, to getting started with community-based services, we will provide support and guidance throughout the process. Our administrative leadership and admissions team is comprised of caring, compassionate and highly skilled professionals with more that 150 years combined experience working with youth and families in intensive treatment settings. We are dedicated to making this time as comfortable and calming as we possibly can.

The first step to admission into the Equinox Intensive Treatment Program is to determine if one of our programs fits the needs of your child and your family. Because ours are comprehensive programs, we suggest you call us directly at 303-861-1916 to talk in more detail about your current circumstances. From there, we will set up an initial consultation to best determine if we are a good fit for one another and what specific help an Equinox program may be able to provide.

We understand that taking the first steps towards intensive treatment for your son or daughter can be overwhelming, confusing and sometimes even intimidating. Because of this, we offer three convenient ways for you to contact us for admission into our program:

Call us Anytime.

Our admissions professionals are always available to help. We are committed to answering any and all of your questions, provide support and guidance, and give you the peace of mind that there is help.

Please call us at 303-861-1916.

Send us an email.

You may email us at any time. A member of our admissions team is available to answer your questions and to provide guidance and support in the process. We respond to emails within 24 hours; however generally we respond within just a few hours. We know that, when seeking information, speaking to someone immediately is important.

Please e-mail us at: email us

Fill out our contact form.

By completing our contact form and reaching out to us, you have taken the first steps in letting us know you are seeking help. You can provide us with as much or as little information as you feel comfortable sharing. By reaching out to us, this ensures we can respond to you and make a personal connection. We will respond to you via phone and email.

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