At-Risk Youth

Authority and nurture for those at risk

As service providers for youth offenders and at-risk youth, we see a need for a different kind of experience.

Our approach to working with at-risk youth is multi-dimensional and focuses on multi-systemic containment, integration of services and continuity of relationship. Grounded in multi-systemic cognitive behavioral theory, Equinox programs model Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) model programs to achieve:

  • Prevention of future criminal and abusive behaviors
  • Holistic recovery of the client
  • Safety in the community.

We embed ourselves in each youth’s local community with the primary goal of keeping youth in the community with no further placement options. For those youth who have stepped up to higher levels of care, we focus on helping them successfully reintegrate from higher levels of placement to community-based settings with strong containment and therapeutic support.

Our strength-based services target under developed competencies, deficiencies and risk in core areas such as emotional regulation, resiliency, pro-social behavior, psycho-social skills and cognitive and moral reasoning. The way in which this is done includes teaching self- advocacy and life skills, holding youth accountable to parole expectations and community based rules, utilizing cognitive behavioral therapeutic interventions and psycho-educational training.

A circle of support

At Equinox, we believe that a successful service integration programs sees the youth and his or her family in the context of their surroundings. In close partnership with the referring agent, we create a broad circle of social support and containment for each youth to improve community supervision, develop healthy adult authority relationships, learn the practical and necessary skills for community reintegration and success, link youth with sustainable resources, and provide treatment level services to those in need.

Through our many years of experience, we’ve learned that to effectively help our clients, the program must be will structured, yet flexible enough to recognize that youth and families have varying backgrounds and needs. For this reason, our program is designed to work with the individual referring agent to tailor services to each unique client in terms of service intensity and specific areas of focus rather than a standardized service package.