Our Therapeutic Approach

Creating positive change together

Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center is a place where you, your child and family can learn, grow and heal—individually and together. We offer a truly one-of-a-kind community-based treatment model that is the result of many years of experience in various settings, which include residential treatment, wilderness therapy, mental health centers and community-based treatment.

Through our work with kids, families and people of all kinds, from all walks of life, we have learned that supporting treatment with therapeutic experiences that are active, away from an office and in an environment that is less emotionally demanding, gives kids and adults the emotional space to accept help, learn and practice skills, and become the people they truly can be.

Designed to lead to positive change through a compassionate and personal process, our therapeutic approach is the result of decades of experience and training working with neurodiverse youth and troubled teens and their families. It is thoughtful, caring, innovative, creative and truly customized to the unique needs of your child and who you are as a family.

Our therapeutic approach includes the use of proven contemporary clinical methodologies. We combine a cognitive behavior, family systems and holistic approach with action-oriented, experiential and wilderness therapy interventions. We pair the intensity of each clinical intervention with a neuroscience approach to client care.

People who have been traumatized need support and understanding from those around them—including their therapists. Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) is an intervention model and treatment framework that involves understanding, recognizing and responding to the effects of all types of trauma. It is based on an advanced understanding that the brain’s response to stress and its subsequent survival response must be methodically worked with such that each treatment intervention matches how a person’s brain is organized, wired and responds. TIC emphasizes physical, psychological and emotional safety and helps those affected by trauma rebuild a sense of control and empowerment. At Equinox, we incorporate TIC into the treatment process for both troubled teens and youth on the autism spectrum.

The Neurosequential Model of Treatment is a developmentally sensitive, neurobiology-informed approach to working with children, youth and teens. It is not a specific therapeutic technique or intervention, but rather a way to organize history, experiences and current functioning. Using a neurosequential approach helps our clinical team structure treatment plans, and articulate primary or rudimentary problems and key strengths in a way that best helps each of our clients.

Clinical immersion is truly obtained when individual treatment team members fully understand their role, how each respective role best synergizes within the context of the entire team, and how that role relates to the overall purpose and needs of each youth or family. Immersion is fully accomplished when all aspects of each client’s experience has related purpose, with each interaction building upon one another. That’s why we take a collaborative team approach, matching each treatment team member’s knowledge, skill and experience to your unique needs.

Our therapeutic approach is what we call “relationship-focused.” That means that we begin by building a strong rapport and trusting relationship with every client, whether that’s a troubled teen and his or her family or an individual adult seeking counseling. You’ll work with a team of experienced, extensively trained and caring professionals whose sole focus is on understanding your needs. When we are working with youth, we include parents/guardians each step of the way, knowing that the partnership we develop will be a critical factor in each youth and family’s success.

You’ve taken a positive step.

By being here and reading this, you are taking an important step toward helping your child and family. To learn more about our treatment program for troubled teens and youth on the autism spectrum, or our comprehensive counseling services, call us anytime at 303-861-1916 or contact us