Compassionate support, positive change

At Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center, we provide comprehensive professional counseling services for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families to create positive change through a compassionate and personal therapeutic process. Whether you’re new to therapy or have tried it before, we are dedicated to providing a supportive experience to allow for healing and growth. This may include understanding yourself in relationships, learning new coping skills, creating effective solutions, and finding healthy ways to deal with life’s challenges.

We believe that a strong therapeutic relationship is based on emotional safety, trust, and partnership. Every professional at Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center interacts with our clients with a well blended style of care and concern, direct communication, active engagement, and “thinking outside of the box.” We appreciate the importance of finding the right personal connection with your therapist based on who you are as an individual or family system. Our therapists draw from a variety of treatment practices, including cognitive behavior therapy, attachment theory, family systems, biofeedback, motivational interviewing, and wilderness therapy interventions. Using an approach that matches your comfort level and needs, while operating from the highest standards of care and best practices in psychotherapy, is vital to your success.

In addition to traditional counseling services, we offer specialized therapeutic programs in the following areas:

Each of these programs offer varying levels of frequency, intensity of support, and duration of treatment depending on the support you are seeking. We invite you to explore our services and call us with any questions at 303-861-1916.



Therapy Services

Therapy can be life-changing decision. If you’re ready to begin a journey of change and self-discovery, we can provide support, guidance, and emotional safety to address the personal challenge you or a loved one are facing. We offer compassionate counseling services for individuals, families and couples, including services for children, adolescents and young adults.


Autism Spectrum Disorders

Navigating how to best find the right services and necessary support for you child with ASD can be overwhelming for parents. We can help determine what path is right for your child. Equinox offers a comprehensive system of care and with expertise and compassion joins with families to enhance the lives of youth with special needs.


Troubled Teens

At Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center, we understand how a troubled teen can disrupt the family system. We offer a comprehensive treatment approach individualized for your family to address the many challenges faced as a result of the extreme acting out behaviors of your child. Our intensive treatment teams specialize in working with teens, and have many years of experience helping families come together and experience positive, long lasting change.



Group therapy offers individuals a way to come together and share common challenges, and work on mutual goals in a safe, supportive non-judgemental setting. We offer a variety of skills based and social groups to enhance the opportunity for you to find the right experience, including groups for adults, couples, youth and teens, and individuals living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Family Adventure Therapy

Family Adventure Therapy is a unique therapeutic experience in Colorado’s great outdoors that offers an alternative to traditional office-based family therapy services. It is specifically designed to address your family’s needs, engage all family members—and help your family navigate challenges related to parent/child relationships, spousal discord, or external life events.


Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness Therapy interventions are designed to remove individuals from daily distractions and provide them with a focused environment in which to make positive changes. These weekend or multi-day programs are specifically developed to address your child’s therapeutic needs in an outdoor environment. Unique venues are chosen for purposeful interventions where youth are challenged physically, emotionally and mentally while experiencing meaningful relationships and personal successes.