For Professionals

We partner with professionals in Colorado and beyond.

The professional team at Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center is dedicated to providing our local communities with the highest quality of care through a comprehensive continuum of prevention, intervention, clinical, therapeutic, social and skills-based services in the Denver metro area. In our work with families, troubled teens and youth living with ASD or other learning/ social differences, we individualize programming specific to the unique needs of each youth and family. From the initial assessment through discharge, we partner with parents and caregivers to identify adequate levels of service and effective interventions based on client strengths, family level needs, problem areas, mental health issues, substance use issues, individual learning styles and social/emotional needs.

We also recognize the importance of the professional community and referral sources. As an agency offering unparalleled services in the Denver area, we have had the opportunity to partner with valued professionals across the state of Colorado and beyond our local region—professionals who are seeking comprehensive treatment services for youth, parents and families. Our partnerships and professional networks include:

  • Educational consultants seeking intensive outpatient and individualized services to meet the varied and specialized needs of their clients. We realize that, with numerous treatment programs across the country, you have choices when it comes to adolescent treatment. We want you to have absolute certainty that you have chosen the best placement for your client. We are confident that, for many Colorado youth, you no longer have to look outside our state’s borders for a quality, innovative, integrative and sustainable treatment option.
  • Psychiatrists who are seeking additional clinical and therapeutic support in the mental health treatment of their patients.
  • Individual and family therapists who are seeking additional community-based support, adventure and/or wilderness interventions, or a higher level of treatment intensity to enhance the clinical process in which they are engaged in with their clients.
  • Local clinicians, social workers, school based psychologists or other mental health professionals who believe the needs of their client are beyond their scope of practice, requiring residential care or wilderness therapy, or necessitating a more intensive team based approach.
  • Educational institutions who are seeking out specialized training and consultation in class support to manage students with behavioral concerns, social and learning differences and/or unique emotional needs.
  • Out-of-state residential centers with residential client from the Denver area who are ready to return home. Whose residential client and family will benefit from a strong transition plan with local hometown services in place to support a successful return home and to their community.

The highest quality personalized therapeutic care

When we begin working with our clients, we value communication, partnership and building on what has been accomplished with other professionals. Upon contacting us, we readily welcome and invite you to visit us, meet our clinical team and ask questions about any aspect of our program. Additionally, we appreciate any opportunity to come and visit your school, residential program or office. We view our referents as an important part of the treatment team and welcome your involvement at the level you desire—from admission to discharge planning.

Please feel free to call us at 303-861-1916 or email us  anytime to discuss questions you may have or set up an appointment to come and visit our office. We are confident that you will find our services exceptional, and our team members committed to not only the professional excellence you expect, but also the personalized therapeutic care you expect for your client.

Join us at an open house or professionals retreat.

If you would like to be notified of our next open house or professionals’ retreat, please give us a call at 303-861-1916 or email us and we’ll make sure you are notified of the date and time. We look forward to hearing from you.