Common Questions

Common Questions About Our Work With Troubled Teens

Troubled teens who are acting out or showing significant problems in their daily routine often require more than weekly individual therapy. However, it is also important to assess and specifically identify the services that will create positive change that lasts well beyond treatment. At Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center, we meet with your teen and family and partner with you to create a comprehensive plan for treatment. With intervention and support, we often see problematic behaviors decline and progress made in the home environment. Therefore, our services start with higher levels of support (or intensity) and decrease over time as goals are attained, relationships progress and behaviors positively change. This is continually assessed with the treatment team and your family throughout your teen’s program participation.

That is a great question! Treatment addressing individual and family healing is a journey. Intensive outpatient treatment does require the participation of both the youth and parents. The average length of treatment is 18 to 24 months. Parent involvement is a key component in treatment. Research indicates that parents who are involved with their teen’s treatment and aftercare process experience higher success rates and reduced recidivism after discharge. We know many reasons exist as to why teens experience problems and we also know that their behavior impacts all family members. As a result, everyone’s participation is a part of the healing and change process.

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Equinox believes in the important value and utility of wilderness programming as an alternative way to engage our youth and create effective change. We are unique in our approach in that we also believe that wilderness and adventure interventions should occur while your child remains in the home, at their school and connected to their community. The key to making a positive difference in your family and teen’s life is how the changes are brought back into the home and community environment. Our wilderness therapy experiences are purposefully shorter in length and scheduled with a frequency that supports the treatment goals of therapy. We choose unique venues for purposefully rigorous yet exciting interventions that have been proven to simultaneously challenge and engage your child. When clinically indicated, we include families in this unique and fun treatment experience. Programming may include rock climbing, rafting, snowshoeing, wolf preserve, ropes course and multi-day backcountry camping.

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It is important that our partnership in your son or daughter’s treatment is a good match. As a result, we have an extensive admissions process. During this time, we find out more about your family and needs, introduce the details of our program, assess in detail the needs of your son or daughter and develop a comprehensive treatment plan in partnership with you. We begin with a free consultation before beginning admissions. As we move forward, we set several appointments over a two-week period, which include office sessions and time in the community with your son or daughter, an office session with you (parent/guardians), joining your family for dinner and collaboration with schools or other providers.The final stage of admissions includes a comprehensive treatment plan and financial investment.

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Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center accepts payment through certified check, cash, credit card or health care financing. We do assist families in providing out-of-network provider documentation for insurance reimbursement. Insurance benefits vary from carrier to carrier. To learn the specifics of what each insurance company will reimburse, you should contact your insurance company directly.

For our Intensive Treatment Program, we have partnered with American Healthcare Lending to help families with financing options. We understand that your child and their success is an investment. It is a simple application and funding can be available immediately. After our initial two-week intake process, we provide you with a thorough breakdown of recommended services and costs. These costs will vary depending on level of services. There will additionally be an admissions fee that is paid upon beginning the admissions process.