Equinox Hybrid Model for Treatment During COVID-19

Virtual Programming

girl at computer with headphones onEquinox Counseling & Wellness Center immediately transitioned from program based therapeutic milieu, to online group programming that offers fitness classes, meditation, a therapist video series, and therapeutic social activities by using two-way video conferencing technology. Our clinical team has designed interactive and creative group content to ensure clients stay engaged, uncover new ways to stay connected, and to continue ensuring treatment needs are being addressed. Tapping into clients’ interests while using a variety of platforms, youth are making video tutorials, DIY presentations, and even following a recipe to make dinner for their family with their group support. In a tech-addicted society, Equinox is helping parents balance necessary virtual programming with school and treatment, while continuing to promote healthy and safe technology use in their homes. We have changed the current standard of “social distancing” to ‘physical distancing with social and relational connection.” If you have a child, adolescent or young adult that was socially isolated prior to the virus, please know we understand the trauma, depression and low self-worth related to this and that there is a healthy and safe community for your child to connect with.


Telehealth Sessions

school classroom clip artTelehealth is the use of digital information and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to access health care services remotely and manage your health care. These may be technologies you use from home or that your doctor uses to improve or support health care services. As 2020 unfolds, with the COVID-19 pandemic severely testing health-system capacity, telehealth is stepping up. Virtual care and remote monitoring have never before been in the spotlight as they are today. Equinox, like many providers, is seeing our clients through the use of video (Zoom) technology. In addition to one-to-one counseling and family therapy sessions, we also see parents regularly for weekly parent leadership development. Our clinicians have skillfully transitioned action-based therapy, art therapy, and kinesthetic modalities into their clinical telehealth sessions for maximum engagement.

Additionally, our parent community comes together weekly for connection, to learn higher order concepts and principles for full implementation into their home environment, and support using our advanced video and audio technology. This weekly parent group is led by Mary Marcantonio, our founder and Dr. Nancy Buck. It has been instrumental for parents who are now faced with additional challenges with their youth or young adult. Parent leaders are emerging everyday as a result of this community and we welcome you to learn more if this sounds like something you may find useful during this time of uncertainty.


In-person Treatment

As part of our ongoing commitment to maintain a high level of service and to fulfill our role as essential mental health care providers, we continue to see clients who are having difficulty engaging in telehealth interventions. Tele-health was originally developed to serve those in rural communities who did not have adequate resources to meet their clinical and therapeutic needs. This is a solution that meets the needs of some youth some of the time, but not most youth most of the time. As a result, we continue to see youth and families in person for therapy as deemed clinically necessary. Additionally, adventure and wilderness therapy interventions remain in-tact as a standard component of our program when clinically indicated. Parents and staff members are required to complete the Equinox COVID-19 Screening Form the day of the session, physical distancing protocols are mandated, protective equipment is utilized, and frequent hand washing occurs for all in person sessions.




call us todayWe are all concerned about the immediate and critical medical needs of our communities and health care providers. We cannot underestimate the emotional trauma that people are experiencing, as well as the mental health issues that may result in the days and weeks ahead.

Should you recognize your child is experiencing increased symptoms related to anxiety, depression, mood dysregulation or escalating behaviors in your home environment, call us. We are open and here to help. 303-861-1916 or contact us today.


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