Juvenile Offenders

Juvenile Delinquency Interventions

Our innovative, individualized interventions are developed for each client and every unique situation—all modeled after or reflective of OJJDP (Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention) programs. We have unique resources and programs, and are well established and respected for our work with juvenile offenders across the continental United States and Hawaii.

We serve individuals and families experiencing a wide range of challenges. Our delivery of services integrates our unique resources, such as our leadership and team building experience, as well our expertise in taking theoretical information and putting it into real action.

Focused on client and community for the long haul

The client, the client’s family, circle of friends, the community at large, the educational system and law enforcement all matter in the process—and matter to us. From the start, we let our young clients know how valuable and important they are. Our focus is on them for the long haul—beyond completion of the program.

We also make it a priority to build relationships with referring agencies and agency personnel. We get to know them, their mission and their expectations. Throughout, community safety is paramount in everything we do. We’ve earned a reputation for safety, containing disruptive behaviors. After all, we’re part of the community.