Club EQ

Club Equinox for Ages 11-14

Laugh. Play. Make friends. Belong.

Club EQ is a six to eight week social fitness adventure series for middle school kids ages 11 to 14 that pairs urban adventure activities with our in-office Flexible Brains™ program. Groups meet twice a week, one weekday after school for Flexible Brains (an hour and a half), and on Saturdays for adventure activities (a half-day). Without even knowing it, your child is practicing what they learned earlier in the week in a social activity based setting—and having fun!

Flexible Brains™ – This important component of the program teaches foundational skills, including:

  • How to be an effective problem solver
  • Tangible ways to understand and practice situational coping
  • Learning to be better communicators about needs and wants as well as balancing needs and wants
  • Handling “no” (i.e. increasing resilience)
  • Increasing tolerance for distress/frustration to better function and navigate life
  • Improving the ability to handle difficult situations, anxiety, stress and stimulation
  • Reducing rigidity

Social Fitness Adventures – These engaging and entertaining activities give youth a chance to practice the skills they’ve learned in Flexible Brains™. Activities change with each new Club EQ session and include adventures such as:

  • Olympics in the Park – Our coaches facilitate equally matched, non-competitive, and team oriented activities in a local park, ranging from obstacle courses and relay races to basketball, football and other field games.
  • Social Scientists – In this kitchen science project, youth take part in different, fun, wild, and unbelievable experiments with eggs, working individually and within groups to make predictions, run trials, and write down findings during our Egg-tastic experiments.
  • Climbing New Heights – The Club EQ group takes the skills and tools learned through Flexible Brains™ to new heights during our indoor rock climbing session where climbers work together to support one another.
  • Bowling – This is an opportunity for kids to tune into their bodies and focus on balance, hand/eye coordination, patience, strength, all while maintaining a healthy, positive, and friendly environment with those around us.
  • Urban Explorers – Youth explore downtown Denver in teams of two to four through a multi-layered “scavenger hunt” that requires team members to work together to navigate the mall using public transportation, maps, asking questions and using basic problem solving skills.
  • Confident Cooks – Social Fitness comes full circle with a cookout/potluck put on by “Club EQ Cooks” who plan, shop, read recipes and make simple and healthy foods and snacks.

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