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Information for Parents

Your child’s growth and development in our Life and Social Skills programs do not stop at the doorstep of the Equinox (EQ) headquarters. Your child can best generalize his or her learning back into the home and school environments when you are kept informed from week to week of the skills that are being practiced. We encourage you to be involved, ask questions, and find ways to support your child’s new found skills and competencies.

Social Fitness the EQ Way!

When your child becomes involved in Club EQ, we provide you with all the necessary details and information of our group offerings. We believe it is imperative for you to have maximum confidence in our ability to care for and teach your son or daughter. Our Equinox professionals have planned activities to bring out the highest potential in each group participant. Some details about our groups follow:

  • Our standard staff to child ratio is 1:3, which ensures the highest level of safety and supervision to meet the unique needs of each youth. Depending on the activity and venue there may be variations in this ratio, however you are kept “up to speed” on this every step of the way.
  • We pride ourselves on being over-communicators. The partnership we create with you includes both keeping you informed on your child’s progress in Club EQ and hearing from you about all that is going on at home and in school. The goal of this communication is to enhance ways in which the therapeutic club experience can bridge social and life skills gaps in all settings.
  • Your child is currently in therapy or treatment with another provider, we are here to support the process. We encourage you to share our contact information – we would love to hear from those supporting your child and how the club experience can complement treatment. We are here to help and work collaboratively with your existing provider. We are teaching your kids about teamwork and believe we should model this as well!
  • If your child has behavior or boundary problems, this need not exclude him or her from our groups. In fact, the more we know about these challenges, the better we can work with you, plan and strategize how to make this opportunity both available and successful for your child.
  • Lastly, we offer a parent support group the third Tuesday of every month. Support looks different each month; sometimes we bring in speakers, sometimes we are out in one of our FRESH AIR, FRESH MIND activities, sometimes parents enjoy good food and friendship together and sometimes we just need a shoulder to lean on. You can learn more about these groups on our Events Page.
  • If we have not answered all your questions, please give us a call – there is a lot of information and we are here to help.

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– The Equinox Team