Parent Coaching

Support to help you with your struggling teen or young adult

Children are both sponges and mirrors and, at the same time, are their own unique beings. They take in everything they see, mimic or oppose what they hear, and often behave in ways that can be difficult to understand. There is no textbook approach to parenting, and most of us never were formally trained, especially when we consider the different stages from when a child is born through the moment they enter adulthood. Raising children can be absolutely rewarding and memorable, but often it brings confusion, frustration, sadness, anger, and at times, challenges us beyond our current parenting ability.

Equinox Parent Coaching provides worldwide services that bring support to you via video (such as Skype), phone calls, emails and office appointments (Denver, CO). Through weekly non-crisis based contact with a Parent Coach, parents are given opportunities to ask questions, learn new concepts, and build on existing strengths to create positive change in the home.

Additionally, we offer a more intensive program, In-home Assessment and Coaching, which provides a two-day in-home assessment, subsequent parent coaching sessions, and a parent workshop. Our professionals travel all over the world, to come and learn more about your family, understand your strengths and challenges, and provide skilled assessment and guidance in your home environment. We then follow up with coaching sessions available via phone, Skype or office (Denver, CO). Our final workshop brings acquired concepts, skills, and competencies into a structured learning environment with other parent participants.

Our professional Parent Coaches work with you to:

  • Reach your important goals. Together we identify your needs, strengths, and concerns and where you want to be.
  • Provide guidance on how to effectively parent and respond to your child through oppositional/defiant behavior, emotional difficulties, and relationship challenges. We focus principals that can be generalized across a broad range of behaviors and environments.
  • Provide relevant information to help you understand and respond to the complexities of adolescence and launching your child into adulthood.

Parent Coaching is compassionate and nonjudgmental—a place to discuss concerns, frustrations, and vulnerabilities—and even parenting decisions we wish we had not made. Having total transparency about who you are as a parent creates a deep partnership with your coach that helps achieve the results you are seeking.

When should parents consider coaching and/or in-home consultation?

Parents select coaching support for a variety of reasons, however, the specific circumstances may include:

  • Your teen or young adult has been placed out of your home at a higher level of care and is getting ready to transition home.
  • Your teen or young adult is behaviorally acting out and you are concerned that he or she will easily and or quickly spiral out of control.
  • You are struggling to engage your child in a relationship and feel as though he or she may be slipping away from you.
  • Your child is overly dependant on you and you are unsure as to how to help him or her become more independant and self-assured.
  • Family conflict frequently occurs and you are seeking help in how to better communicate and de-escalate your home environment.
  • The ongoing challenges with parenting your children is resulting in anger and resentment, which is affecting your marital or partner relationship. You need help in uniting as parents.
  • Your children behave in a bossy and entitled manner in many interactions, and you want help in how to address this while they are young.

Gain confidence and competence

Working with an Equinox Parent Coach, you will learn to:

  • Build a better connection with your teenager
  • Identify the necessary rules, consequences, and structure that make sense for your family
  • Decrease power struggles
  • Find healthy alternatives to responding to blow-ups, arguments, and high-risk behaviors
  • Address entitlement issues in the home
  • Find strategies for improving overall family relationships
  • Cope with times of high stress, anxiety, and emotional outbursts
  • Generalize new concepts in different situations and interactions
  • Master co-parenting techniques that improve your partnership

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