For Teens

A Letter to Teens

Looking for help and support takes courage. We hear from teens and families every day about the many challenges that can happen at home, school, work, or with friends. Finding the right place and people to support you is so important, especially if it feels like you’re dealing with your problems alone.

Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center has provided therapy and counseling for teens and young adults for many years. We realize that talking in an office doesn’t work for everyone. Instead, we meet with you to figure out the interests you have and how we can find the best ways to help. This may include going on a hike or an overnight wilderness adventure, playing basketball, writing in a journal together, creating an art collage, or finding a park with a quiet place to talk. We love finding creative and engaging ways to support you and understand that these are unique for each young person.

What’s going on in your life?

We created a list of common challenges and problems facing teens and young adults who work with us. Take a few minutes to fill out the checklist based on what’s going on in your life.

  • Major stress at school or at home
  • Fighting and arguing with your parents or other family members
  • Peer pressure around drug or alcohol use
  • Using pot, alcohol, or other drugs and noticing it is causing problems
  • Failing school, ditching classes, or struggling with teachers/school work
  • Depression, anxiety, or other mood problems
  • Trouble staying focused and getting things done on time
  • Problems around dating, keeping friends, and/or sexual relationships
  • Bullying others or being bullied
  • Issues related to social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Parents or yourself believe you are addicted to gaming, electronics, etc.
  • Dealing with abuse or people hurting you in the present or the past
  • Wanting to hurt yourself/hurting self or thoughts of suicide
  • Your mind races all the time and you can seem to relax or “turn your mind off”
  • Feeling bad about yourself or wanting to give up in school, work, or home

If you marked one of these items—or many—because it is causing a problem in your life, then getting help from our team at Equinox is a great start to making positive changes!

We believe each young person has their own story, deserves to tell it and have someone supportive to compassionately listen. We work with you—solving problems together until you feel confident to take your new skills and ways of coping into other relationships and into your life!! We have learned one very important thing in our work with teens and their family…it takes a solid partnership, building trust, having fun, and tackling challenges together to get the help and change that you want.

Questions that many teens have asked us.

What happens when I call your office?

If you or your parent/guardian calls our office, you will talk with one of our therapists for a few minutes about what is going on that has caused you to seek support. The questions are not detailed, but help us make sure our program can help you. If together we decide Equinox is a good fit for you, we will set up a consultation appointment with you. Your parents will join us if you are under 18 (feel free to tell us if this is a concern). We will share more about our program, learn a bit more about you, and then move forward to get you the help you need.

I am really nervous about talking to a stranger about my problems. Do I have to answer a lot of questions?

Our team of counselors understands that for some young people, answering a lot of questions about themselves can be really hard. We make your first time in as comfortable as possible. We are here just to talk with you and not ask a lot of questions. The more you can share, the better, but we also know that it takes trusting someone to open up. We may even decide to just take a walk and chat or do some artwork together as an icebreaker to our conversation.

I still live with my parents—they will be taking me to therapy and paying for it. How much do you have to tell them about what I talk about?

All of the people we work with have the right to “confidentiality.” This includes you. When parents are involved in your treatment, we are very open with you as to what we feel might be helpful or important to share with them. However, your sessions are private. By law, there are a few exceptions to “confidentiality,” which includes if you tell us that you want to hurt yourself or someone else, or if you have been abused by another another person. We will work closely with you around communicating with your parents and provide a lot of support.

It looks like you have more than just therapy in your Intensive Treatment Program. I have a lot going on with friends, my parents, and am using drugs to deal with it. Can you help with this?

Equinox offers a lot more than weekly therapy. We have an intensive program that can help build confidence, find new ways to cope other than drugs/alcohol, and give you new skills for succeeding in school, finding a job, having fun with your family, and building really solid friendships. We have mentors, a community specialist, and also some cool adventure programs that take you rock climbing, hiking, rafting and more—all while helping to create positive changes in your life.

Get in touch anytime.

We invite you to call one of our therapists directly, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 303-861-1916 to ask us any questions or get started with Equinox.