Connecting kids with positive role models

When we listen, our teens have much to say. “There’s a lot of pressure to succeed.” “I have trouble balancing all the responsibilities of school, home, friends, and work.” “I feel like there are lots of adults in charge of what I do—parents, teachers, coaches and bosses.” “I want to have more fun, but I don’t really know how to or what to do—I don’t have a lot of friends.” “I just want to hang with friends, but sometimes, even that gets too crazy and stressful.”

At Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center, we believe this is the “why” to having a mentor. Teens need and deserve a valuable and unique relationship that is healthy, non-pressured, supportive, and fun.

Our mentors are passionate about working with youth in their local communities. They are good listeners, patient, active, engaging, enthusiastic, and most importantly, they simply LOVE KIDS and TEENS! Our mentors are interested in what teens like to do, their developmental needs and their strengths, finding new ways to have fun, and creative avenues to build confidence and esteem.

The power of mentorship

The mentor-teen relationship can be a game changer for many teens. When young people have a healthy adult role model and an authentic connection with that mentor, we find that they:

  • Take risks and accept failure
  • Replace addictions to substances, gaming, and social media with recreation, hobbies, and athletics
  • Have increased motivation to succeed
  • Find new interests and make community connections that they never knew existed
  • Develop meaning in relationships
  • Learn new ways to deal with challenges; with someone by their side, youth don’t give up
  • Practice new life and social skills, and then learn to apply them to family, friendships, and work
  • Prepare in engaging ways for job and vocational opportunities
  • Become self-advocates in responsible ways
  • Have fun, get outside—and laugh

Learn more about how a mentor can help.

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