Training, Consultation and Professional Coaching

Training services through Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center are designed and delivered in a manner that educates, empowers and energizes parents, mental health professionals, teachers, administrators, direct care workers, residential treatment center professionals, judicial officials—and anyone looking to further their knowledge base of how to better understand, support and work with troubled children, youth and families.

Mary Marcantonio and Eileen Scheibe both are nationally recognized as clinicians, trainers and consultants in the field of adolescent mental health treatment, clinical practice and methodologies, residential and wilderness therapy program development, milieu treatment, sexual behavior and the integrative experiential application of clinical processes.

Seminars and Speaker Series

TCI training provides an important framework that involves understanding, recognizing and responding to the effects of trauma. We cover topics including how the brain responds to stress, the subsequent survival response and how to create response patterns that better match the brain after trauma has occurred.

What is neurosequential care, why is it important and how does it relate to my client or student? Now that I know, what do I do?

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“All learning has an emotional base.” – Plato
The ubiquitous term “EQ” is now showing up in unlikely settings, from the cartoon strip Dilbert and Zippy the Pinhead, to shampoo bottles in hotels and toys designed to boost a child’s EQ. Gain a further understanding of the Five Building Blocks for EQ development and stress reduction.>

This training is designed to help parents and/or providers reduce risk for all kids. Adults gain greater understanding of child and adolescent sexual behavior, learn three basic assumptions about sexual behavior, how to distinguish between sexual behavior and language that warrants intervention and behavior that is developmentally expected, learn the three criteria for evaluating sexual behavior, and learn strategies that promote the universal goals of communication, empathy and accountability in children and teens.

Therapeutic Care is a competency-based approach for those responsible for helping youth achieve the highest level of functioning possible. Training covers topics such as teaching, developing and supporting pro-social skill development, self-efficacy, purpose and goal attainment skills in children and adolescents.

Learn how to create and maintain a safe, therapeutic and enjoyable home environment.

Sexual safety can often become more and more complex as children get older and begin to have increased independence, and less adult supervision. This interactive training will teach sexual education for young people to help them be safe, competent and confident in both recognizing and handling uncomfortable or risky situations. Participants will learn concrete skills, participate in roleplaying exercises and work with real life scenarios to learn to gain situation confidence in recognizing and acting on dangerous situations. Participants will learn the functional language of ‘tools,’ core concepts of green, yellow and red-flag behaviors, and the 3 H’s of how this all relates to keeping ones body safe.

Looking to shake things up and get more interactive in your group process? This interactive workshop for professionals is specifically designed to provide attendees with practical information and a skill base to increase participation in your group process. Participants will gain insight into how to pair activities and venues with treatment goals and focus area of a group, how to effectively organize and structure an experientially based group, learn the language and relevant facilitation style that promotes the generalization of group topics and skills into all aspects of a youth’s life and relationships, and learn the tips and tricks for managing difficult behaviors and the unpredictable issues that often arise in the group process.

This training is designed for every professional working with juveniles who sexually offend. Taking a goal-oriented approach, it covers primary, secondary and tertiary prevention; the four types of risk factors associated with youth engaging in abusive behavior; ecological risk factors and deficits; static and stable dynamic risk factors; balancing risk and assets; empathic care and strategies for increasing pro-social competencies for health.

Participants learn the protocol of the Colorado State Standards and Guidelines for Juveniles who Have Committed Sexual Offenses, and learn in-depth and practical approaches for supervising youth that are required to have Informed Supervision. Participants will learn the in’s and out’s of safety planning and why you’ll begin to begin love using them, as well as concepts such as “abuse is abuse” and the high-risk cycle. Participants will also learn how to recognize all types of abusive behavior, be taught skills to effectively intervene and learn the laws related to sexual behavior.

For individuals, families, programs and facilities

Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center training, consultation and coaching services are designed to meet the needs of parents, mental health professionals, educational and academic teams, treatment settings such as residential or wilderness therapy programs and outpatient programs. We are available for program consultation, individual case consultation, professional coaching and program evaluation.

To learn more about our consultation services and how we might help add value to your facility, program or family—or to schedule training now—contact us at 303-861-1916 or contact us.