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Helping parents find the right solutions for their child

When faced with the decision to place your troubled teen or child on the autism spectrum in an out-of-home treatment setting, there are many options for placement—from residential treatment programs to wilderness therapy. Understandably, evaluating the choices that are available locally and nationally can often be overwhelming and confusing for parents.

If you are working with an educational consultant, you may have narrowed your residential or wilderness treatment placement options down to three choices. These are difficult decisions, and if you’ve never had to make such a decision, we know that just considering how to make the best choice may feel overwhelming. There are many benefits and implications to placing a child out-of-home and into the care of others. There are also many stressors—emotional, psychological, geographical and financial. Enlisting the help of trained and experienced professionals to evaluate your final choices will provide you with qualitative information that will help you make the best final program selection.

Our site-specific program evaluation services

Our site-specific program evaluation gives parents professional information, objective insight and recommendations as to the specialized nature of the programs they are considering for their child. This evaluation and comparison articulates the key differences and specific strengths of each program you are considering in six primary categories:

  1. Milieu/Residential
  2. Education and Academic Services
  3. Staff Training and Specialized Expertise
  4. Clinical Treatment Services
  5. Continuum of Care
  6. Outcomes

Why Enlist Equinox for Clinical Program Evaluation and Comparison

  • Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center professionals have developed and operated residential treatment centers and wilderness therapy programs for upwards of 90 collective years. We know these types of programs inside and out, have gone through our own rigorous evaluation process, and have adhered to best practice standards in each of our own centers.
  • As professionals, we understand the necessity for program scrutiny. Having an open-door policy and inviting people to learn about our program as well as offer constructive feedback has been instrumental in our own growth and development. We know that good programs welcome and invite observation and evaluation.
  • Our careers have been dedicated to the development, operation and supervision of residential and wilderness therapy programs with a primary focus on synergy and cross commonalities between all aspects of the program. Therefore, we can provide you with expert information on the whole picture of each program you are considering.
  • We take you, your child and your family’s future as seriously as we take our own. This means we are in this important journey together. Our dedication to the process provides you with clear information that gives you exactly what you need to determine the absolute best fit for your child.
  • We develop partnering relationships with parents that are trusting, empathetic and highly communicative. We operate with high levels of accountability to you as parents, which we know helps to reduce the stress and anxiety of having to make such a difficult decision.
  • When faced with the decision to place your child out of your home and into the care of others, we can take the time to do what you may not have the time to do.

Please note that we do not solicit or accept compensation in any fashion from any program or institution that we evaluate. We are stewards of excellent practice standards and a code of ethics that declares you and your child are our client.

A treatment or placement option that fits

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